Break Ups Shouldn’t be This Much Fun!

So Bollywood came out with a Break Up song and it’s sort of a big deal because their songs usually support Love and the fake reality of relationships with that fairytale ending, I was extremely happy when I discovered this song and that means I totally had to add my own choreography to it!


I added a filter onto this video because I wanted to make it look really unique and interesting.

The song Obviously talks about a breakup, and dressing up to break up with a really clingy partner. Which I think everyone if not some can relate too, I totally can.

I sort of did a twist on the choreography and used my Indian classical bells on my ankles to add an extra beat or what I would like to say extra “Charm” it was so much fun doing this upbeat song because it’s not everyday Bollywood expresses the truth of relationships.  I did add some signature modern hip hop moves because the beat to this song was more of a step beat instead of a slow and soothing beat. I really hope you enjoy! Feel free to try it out yourself  It is a bit of a workout so please excuse my sigh at the end I thought it was hilarious so I kept it.

Every girl needs their own personal makeup artist and stylist, this beauty is

Sudarshani Deepa

She is the owner of VilladeChic on Instagram, she expresses her makeup expertise and custom made fashion designs. Sudarshani is in the process of obtaining an Economics degree at Queens College. Although she has a deep passion for creativity and arts and I think we could all see it! Go take a look at her Instagram page she’s a really inspiring makeup artist with a great drive for passion in Fashion.  She’s available for all your High Fashion couture needs!

“Drunk In December”

“Drunk In December”

A December wedding

She’s always wanted one, a huge one

With the cold white blanket as her red carpet, while she walks

She wanted the cold Winter breath air to whisper in her face

As her gaze meets mine down the aisle

She wanted cherry red rose petals on the top of the icy cold snow

 A white and red bouquet in her hand

As she awaits the love of her life

Her family mesmerized by her smile as she crunches on the snow

And she only wanted red wine at her wedding

Lots and Lots of red wine

Served in an icy cold wine glass

She wanted to be drunk

She wanted to whisper to me

Let’s be Drunk the whole December

I would laugh

But she was right

I was drunk this December

and every other December

Because she left me

With a cherry red bloody heartbreak, in the middle of the snow

On our Drunk December Wedding night

Covergirl Promotes Equality and We All Should Too!

Covergirl’s new face is a 17-year-old boy and i couldn’t be happier! I think it’s super awesome that Covergirl also included models with  different skin tones and ethnicities in their commercial. This really shows a stand on the hatred and bigotry that is happening in today’s society.

This  commercial took a stand and emphasized equality I think this is a milestone for Covergirl.  It brings out the message of equality and fairness and rids the stereotype of makeup just being a girl thing.

If you have not seen this amazing commercial it’s linked down below!

I’m a sucker for colors!


This was my second attempt at creating a Net Art & Gif , this picture was one of my very own of Long Island City Piers.  I used Photoshop to hold and erase the water portion of the picture and then used a very bright and colorful picture in Glitche’ to create a Gif with one of the filters.  I also used my Newhive account to preview my Net Art& Gif.  It’s a really eye-catching piece, Enjoy!

Falling Colors ; Using Glitche’

 If you did not know of the coolest app ever made it’s called Glitche’, It ranks as one of the top apps on my list! Seriously! you will fall in love with the amazing filters this app can do to your pictures.  For just a small fee you can access some really cool filters that make your picture come alive.


In Glitche’ you can create a movement with your pictures using the Gif button on the far right bottom corner underneath your picture and from there all you do is create a movement and play it back! It does save your master piece as a video which makes it sort of difficult to insert into a blog post but that can be easily fixed by opening photoshop and converting the video to a gif. I would definitely  recommend Glitche’ for awesome Instagram worthy pictures!

My First Net Art & Gif (Falling House Near You)


This was my first Net Art & Gif, I used the Net Art & Gif Making tutorial posted on the Ct101 site to guide me in the process of creating this and I think I am inspired to do more! I will most definitely make a tutorial on my next one

I was inspired to create this because I really love Disney Movies and “UP” definitely was my favorite one and it came to life in this 1994 picture of New Jersey’s Theatre!

Simply Shiv Welcomes You

Welcome to

I hope that with this beautiful sunrise below it inspires you in many ways, inspires you to see the simple things in life just like this sunrise.

Like this sunrise post try to find the inner tranquility in my other posts as well there’s something for everyone on this site and I I hope you find what speaks to you.

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