I’m a sucker for colors!


This was my second attempt at creating a Net Art & Gif , this picture was one of my very own of Long Island City Piers.  I used Photoshop to hold and erase the water portion of the picture and then used a very bright and colorful picture in Glitche’ to create a Gif with one of the filters.  I also used my Newhive account to preview my Net Art& Gif.  It’s a really eye-catching piece, Enjoy!

Falling Colors ; Using Glitche’

 If you did not know of the coolest app ever made it’s called Glitche’, It ranks as one of the top apps on my list! Seriously! you will fall in love with the amazing filters this app can do to your pictures.  For just a small fee you can access some really cool filters that make your picture come alive.


In Glitche’ you can create a movement with your pictures using the Gif button on the far right bottom corner underneath your picture and from there all you do is create a movement and play it back! It does save your master piece as a video which makes it sort of difficult to insert into a blog post but that can be easily fixed by opening photoshop and converting the video to a gif. I would definitely  recommend Glitche’ for awesome Instagram worthy pictures!