Break Ups Shouldn’t be This Much Fun!

So Bollywood came out with a Break Up song and it’s sort of a big deal because their songs usually support Love and the fake reality of relationships with that fairytale ending, I was extremely happy when I discovered this song and that means I totally had to add my own choreography to it!


I added a filter onto this video because I wanted to make it look really unique and interesting.

The song Obviously talks about a breakup, and dressing up to break up with a really clingy partner. Which I think everyone if not some can relate too, I totally can.

I sort of did a twist on the choreography and used my Indian classical bells on my ankles to add an extra beat or what I would like to say extra “Charm” it was so much fun doing this upbeat song because it’s not everyday Bollywood expresses the truth of relationships.  I did add some signature modern hip hop moves because the beat to this song was more of a step beat instead of a slow and soothing beat. I really hope you enjoy! Feel free to try it out yourself  It is a bit of a workout so please excuse my sigh at the end I thought it was hilarious so I kept it.