Every girl needs their own personal makeup artist and stylist, this beauty is

Sudarshani Deepa

She is the owner of VilladeChic on Instagram, she expresses her makeup expertise and custom made fashion designs. Sudarshani is in the process of obtaining an Economics degree at Queens College. Although she has a deep passion for creativity and arts and I think we could all see it! Go take a look at her Instagram page she’s a really inspiring makeup artist with a great drive for passion in Fashion.  She’s available for all your High Fashion couture needs!

Covergirl Promotes Equality and We All Should Too!

Covergirl’s new face is a 17-year-old boy and i couldn’t be happier! I think it’s super awesome that Covergirl also included models with  different skin tones and ethnicities in their commercial. This really shows a stand on the hatred and bigotry that is happening in today’s society.

This  commercial took a stand and emphasized equality I think this is a milestone for Covergirl.  It brings out the message of equality and fairness and rids the stereotype of makeup just being a girl thing.

If you have not seen this amazing commercial it’s linked down below!

Simply Shiv Welcomes You

Welcome to SimplyShiv.net

I hope that with this beautiful sunrise below it inspires you in many ways, inspires you to see the simple things in life just like this sunrise.

Like this sunrise post try to find the inner tranquility in my other posts as well there’s something for everyone on this site and I I hope you find what speaks to you.

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