“Drunk In December”

“Drunk In December”

A December wedding

She’s always wanted one, a huge one

With the cold white blanket as her red carpet, while she walks

She wanted the cold Winter breath air to whisper in her face

As her gaze meets mine down the aisle

She wanted cherry red rose petals on the top of the icy cold snow

 A white and red bouquet in her hand

As she awaits the love of her life

Her family mesmerized by her smile as she crunches on the snow

And she only wanted red wine at her wedding

Lots and Lots of red wine

Served in an icy cold wine glass

She wanted to be drunk

She wanted to whisper to me

Let’s be Drunk the whole December

I would laugh

But she was right

I was drunk this December

and every other December

Because she left me

With a cherry red bloody heartbreak, in the middle of the snow

On our Drunk December Wedding night

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